POTS Yoga Online


The class is every Thursday during term time at 10:30am and runs for roughly 45 minutes.



Thursday morning POTS Friendly Yoga is held online via Google Meet at 10:30am and runs for roughly 45 minutes. These sessions are based around Vinyasa yoga BUT it will be heavily modified to suit those of us with POTS (me included as I have POTS myself and I know how going up and down in yoga just doesn’t work!) There will also be plenty of time for breathing and meditation. All levels welcome. Please contact me with any specific injuries/ illnesses / How POTS impacts your ability to move and I will give appropriate modifications during the sessions.

* You will receive the Google Meet link after purchase to the email address you supply at the time of booking. You need to have a google account to use google meet or download the app on your smart phone/ tablet. The link changes each week so make sure you are using the new link each week. Please book the evening prior to class to ensure you have the class link in time. After this time emails may not always checked. Thank you!